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When you’re facing serious legal charges, you need a strong legal defense team to fight for your rights. With more than 20 years of both trial and litigation experience, M.K. Bailey Law Offices offers legal representation for criminal cases, civil and personal injury litigation, as well as family and juvenile legal issues. We service the needs of any client including worker’s compensation, DUI/Traffic violations, sex crimes, and self-defense across the state Oklahoma. Attorneys at M.K. Bailey Law Offices have experience working in each of the 77 counties and can provide representation anywhere as far as north Texas.

Our attorneys are certified and prepared to assist our clients through all stages of the litigation process: pre-filing, pre-trial, trial and appeal. In addition to criminal defense representation and civil advocacy, we also provide services for the expungement of criminal records and pardons, for those who qualify.

As one of Oklahoma’s most respected legal groups, M.K. Bailey Law Offices is a highly motivated, well organized, full service law firm, designed to custom-tailor legal strategies for your individual needs. We realize that for most, impending or ongoing legal matters are a constant source of worry and uncertainty.

Our office is conveniently located at the Gaillardia Business Park in North Oklahoma City. Attorneys typically have set standard business hours, however whether you live Oklahoma, Cleveland counties or Tulsa, attorneys at MK Bailey Law Offices are available after hours and throughout the weekend. Contact us at 405-607-1177 to set up your free, personalized initial consultation.

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