Civil Litigation

When injuries occur or rights are violated, the damages may be assessed in civil court. Civil law suits involve the seeking of money damages or specific performance, rather than criminal sanctions. These lawsuits commonly stem from accusations of breach of contract or fiduciary duty, or injury by the tortious actions of others.. Common examples include landlord and tenant disputes, defamation, property ownership, negligence suits and employment issues.

Depending on who you are and what you do, you have certain rights that could be violated by the willful or negligent acts of others taking advantage of the freedom to sue in civil court. Our firm has diligently represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of civil litigation. With the assistance of an experienced accident attorney in Oklahoma, you can fight for your rights and obtain justice.

Although financial compensation is the most familiar remedy, our attorneys are also adept at effecting injunctions, temporary restraining orders and mediation of settlement. Additionally, we have attorneys who are qualified as mediators and arbitrators, should contract terms require those alternatives to court. A strong civil litigation attorney in Oklahoma can help you pursue a fair remedy or defend against harsh sanctions.

Civil cases are complex and time consuming. If you believe your rights have been infringed upon or if you have been named a party to an impending civil suit, call M.K. Bailey Law Offices to speak to one of our attorneys.