Family Law


family lawyer okcNo two divorces are alike. Our Oklahoma divorce lawyers know and respect that each divorce is unique in nature, which is why we offer services in a wide range of divorce situations, from no-contest divorce to full litigation and custodial rights.

The M.K. Bailey Law Oklahoma family law attorneys can assist you in a legal solution to any of your Oklahoma family law issues, and not only help to protect your rights, but those of your family.


juvenile lawThe juvenile process is significantly different from the adult process. Juvenile cases are held in a separate courthouse and involve a completely different set of statutes and procedures. This area of law also involves interaction with government agencies, like the department of human services and the office of juvenile affairs. Juvenile law primarily encompasses two separate issues, minors who violate the law and the status of deprived children.

Minors can be criminally prosecuted as delinquents, youthful offenders, or in some cases bridged out of juvenile court and penalized as an adult. Since the consequences can be serious, effective representation is crucial, and we are one of the best juvenile law firms in Oklahoma City.

Most people are unaware that the juvenile process is triggered the minute that a reporting agency is notified. These agencies are not the easiest to have forced into anyone’s life. Parents whose children have been adjudicated deprived may also permanently lose their parental rights. With the assistance of M.K. Bailey Law Offices this traumatic ordeal can be efficiently and effectively navigated.