Sex Crimes Defense

criminal law oklahomaThere are very few allegations which carry the severity and social stigma that are associated with sex crimes. In Oklahoma, even the most minor of offenses can carry a hefty prison sentence and the possibility of nationwide sex offender registration for life. Our firm has a proven history of passionately fighting for our clients’ rights and for their dignity. The attorneys at M.K. Bailey Law Offices have successfully defended hundreds of innocent Oklahomans charged with these crimes.

Facing criminal allegations of sexual misconduct can be one of the most terrifying and devastating experiences for both the client and the clients family. Whether you are facing current criminal charges, or challenging your current registration status, M.K Bailey Law has the experience and expertise required to assist you with these matters. If you or your loved one is dealing with accusations of any sex crime, please call our offices today to set up your free initial consultation.
Individuals can be prosecuted for a wide range of sex crimes. M.K. Bailey Law attorneys have successfully defended our clients against these charges, which include:

Prostitution & Solicitation
Sex Offender Registration
Failure to register
Failure to notify
Requirement violations
Out of state registrants
Removal Petitions