Workers Compensation

Suffering a work-related injury can feel like the end of your livelihood and professional career. In addition to sustaining physical pain and inability to perform on the job, the risk of loss of employment poses a strain of its own. For most people, being out of work as a result of a workplace injury is a traumatic.

Unfortunately, this is the time when many companies try to take advantage of their employees by holding back benefits or harassing them into a non-beneficial settlement. Oklahoma’s government has organizations set up to ensure medical benefits are given to the injured worker for medical issues stemming from the incident and future medical treatments, such as anticipated surgery or physical therapy for rehabilitation.
workers compensation oklahoma
Future Medical Benefits/General Medical Benefits
Even though Oklahoma holds businesses accountable to do the right thing, the state government is not the same as an Oklahoma workers compensation lawyer. Future medical benefits often get bargained away in agreements with employers. While Oklahoma statutes ensure basic protection and benefits, underrepresented employees miss out because of mishandled agreements with their employer.

Types of Compensation

• Right to reimbursement for all medical treatment deemed necessary and reasonable
• Continuing medical expenses associated with the injury
• Future medical expenses
• Retraining expenses
• Permanent Disability Benefits- when a worker is unable to work in the same workplace

• Temporary Disability Benefits- when a worker is unable to work more than three
calendar days. This calculation of the amount of benefits is highly dependent on
each individual case and has a number of factors for this determination.

In Case of Death
In the tragic event that a worker is killed during the course of employment, Oklahoma has set numerous standards to determine if the family members are eligible to receive the compensation benefits. Death-related calculations are complicated and involve several variables.

Only a skilled attorney can assist in obtaining the maximum compensation for the loss of a loved one. M.K. Bailey attorneys will conduct your case with respect and sensitivity as we mediate and litigate on your behalf in this very complex and regulated area of law.